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  • Welcome to the Edge! – January 14, 2015

    Today I find myself remembering the Divine Idea that there is no such thing as private good or private suffering.  In this life of oneness that we study and profess, we are surrounded by opportunities to be reminded that we are intrinsically linked and spiritually inseparable.

    That’s an easy concept to integrate at the level […]

This Week at Unity North

Monday, January 26:  UNA Career Ministry, Introduction to Baha’i, and Walking in the Footsteps of Paul

Tuesday, January 27:  Setting a Trap for God and The Way of Mastery

Wednesday, January 28:  Potluck and Meditation Service

Thursday, January 29:  West African Drumming Class

Friday, January 30:  Conscious Connections for Young Adults

Saturday, January 31:  New Member Class and Greek Dinner and Movie Night

living loveSunday, February 1: “Living Love” – Rev. Carole O’Connell

Special Music by Cindy Lou Harrington 

Also on Sunday, February 1:  Soul*Talks and Praying Paws


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