Can you imagine how your life might have been better had you discovered Unity when you were young?

YOUWell – you don’t have to imagine it.  Just look at our teens – at our Youth of Unity – to see what it might have been like. You might have grown up with a feeling of total love and unconditional acceptance at a time of life when judgment can be harsh and approval hard to come by.  You will see a group of young people dancing their way through the sometimes unbearably awkward and demanding high school years. You will see young people who practice meditation while searching for a sense of spirit within. Young people who don’t know the meaning of “fear” or “loathing.” You will see teenagers ready to step unfettered into whatever the next stage of life might bring – aware of their own divinity, tolerant of others and, perhaps especially, accepting of themselves as well.

Sunday morning at 11:15 am

Wednesday Evenings at 7:00 pm

Contact Richard Croker at 404-644-1564