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Posted on Jan 17 , 2010 in Ministries & Spiritual Connections

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What is a Conscious Living Circle (CLC)?

Conscious Living Circles are a great way meet new people and explore your spirituality. The small groups meet in homes or at UNA and create a safe place for spiritual inquiry,  personal growth, developing friendships, and deeper participation in community. Through the group activities, consciousness is raised and each member has the opportunity to grow, love, laugh, share, and pray. We expand our appreciation for our humanity and honor our Divinity.

Circles meet in the Spring and the Fall for a set number of weeks with the members intending to attend all meetings. Click here for the Spring 2015 schedule.

What Happens at a CLC?


We greet each other with the Namasté Greeting. Example: The Divinity within me beholds the Divinity within you; or, the Universal Greeting of Peace (from The Gandhi Foundation)

Heart Check

We share where we are in that moment. Each person has the opportunity to speak while all others are actively and silently listening.


Each night has a different meditation with a particular focus. The meditation is played on a CD, a mobile device or read by the Facilitator and may be accompanied by music.


A Circle member draws a question from the question basket, reads it aloud and gives a thoughtful response. Each member has the opportunity to respond to the question if they choose to do so. The other members actively listen to the speaker and remain silent as they listen. Once each member has addressed the question, a group dialog may follow. Each member may add additional insights or thoughts from the question.

Prayer Support

We request prayer support in an affirmative way. The Circle members pray daily for the prayer requests of the entire Circle and offer prayer support for our church.

Closing Prayer

We stand in circle holding hands while we say the Closing Statement and the Prayer for Protection.

Refreshments and Relaxed Fellowship

Light snacks and beverages such as coffee, tea and water are shared for 20-30 minutes.  Circle members agree to provide snacks on a weekly basis.


Conscious Living Circles are a tremendous way to expand your spiritual journey and connect with some wonderful people. We welcome and encourage your participation as Facilitators, Host Homes and Members in these very special groups!

For more information please contact:

Dawn Gowing: 770-317-1440 or
Julie Steele:  770-592-4552 or

Spring  2015 Schedule

Sign-ups for Facilitators and Host Homes: Sundays, February 1, 8, 15, 22

Sign-ups for Circle Members: Sundays, March 1, 8, 15, 22

Training for Facilitators and Hosts (CLC manuals and handouts will be distributed): Monday, March 23, 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm or Sunday, March 29, 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

 Conscious Living Circles meet for 6 weeks starting April 6

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